Deep Learning & Machine Learning

How can we learn from massive amount of data? We work on designing models, algorithms, and systems for deep learning and machine learning. We focus on the following researches.

Models, Algorithms and Systems:

  • Autonomous machine learning (AutoML): we develop methods to design an AI that learns how to learn automatically.
  • Lightweight machine learning: we aim to build a fast and energy-efficient model.
  • Transferable machine learning: we aim to build a high quality model even when labeled instances are scarce.
  • Anomaly detection, prediction, and one-class classification: we develop models and algorithms for detecting and predicting anomalies and extreme events with applications including machine failure detection and prediction.
  • Object detection and classification using sensors: we develop methods to detect objects and humans using data from various sensors.
  • Question answering: We develop question answering methods using big data and deep neural networks.


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