Data Mining Seminar

About Seminar

In the data mining seminar, we have talks about various data mining, machine learning, and AI related topics, including data analysis methods, applications, and scalable platforms. The seminar information is as follows.

  • Time: Every Monday, 17:30 - 18:30
  • Place: ZOOM
  • Who can attend: open to everyone including undergraduate, graduate students and professors

The seminar schedule is announced every Friday right before the next Monday seminar via email. So if you are interested in our seminar, please feel free to email us to be registered in the seminar mailing list. The contact information for anything related to the seminar is as follows.

  • Seminar organizer: Huiwen Xu (

During the seminar, free pizza is provided to participants.


Date Title Speaker
Jan 17, 2022 Mixture Density Networks Hoyoung Yoon
Jan 10, 2022 DeepFM: A Factorization-Machine based Neural Network for CTR Prediction Jaeri Lee
Dec 20, 2021 Hierarchical Attention Networks for Document Classification Vladimir Egay
Dec 6, 2021 Model-Agnostic Counterfactual Reasoning for Eliminating Popularity Bias in Recommender System Hyunsik Jeon
Nov 29, 2021 Learning Efficient Convolutional Networks through Network Slimming Hyojin Jeon
Nov 15, 2021 Graph Contrastive Learning with Augmentations Sooyeon Shim
Nov 8, 2021 FairMatch: A Graph-based Approach for Improving Aggregate Diversity in Recommender Systems Jongjin Kim
Nov 1, 2021 Accurate Graph-Based PU Learning without Class Prior Jaemin Yoo
Oct 18, 2021 Reinforcement-Learning based Portfolio Management with Augmented Asset Movement Prediction States Jaemin Park
Sep 27, 2021 Learning Intrinsic Sparse Structures within Long Short-Term Memory Seungcheol Park
Sep 13, 2021 LEEP: A New Measure to Evaluate Transferability of Learned Representations Huiwen Xu
Aug 30, 2021 Stock Movement Prediction from Tweets and Historical Prices Yejun Soun
Aug 9, 2021 Fast and Accurate Partial Fourier Transform for Time Series Data Yong-chan Park
Aug 2, 2021 Fast and Memory-Efficient Tucker Decomposition for Answering Diverse Time Range Queries Jun-gi Jang
Jul 26, 2021 Accurate Multivariate Stock Movement Prediction via Data-Axis Transformer with Multi-Level Contexts Jaemin Yoo
Jul 19, 2021 SDGNN: Learning Node Representation for Signed Directed Networks Junghun Kim
Jul 12, 2021 SGAS: Sequential Greedy Architecture Search Hoyoung Yoon
Jul 5, 2021 Neural Collaborative Filtering Jiyun Kim
Jun 28, 2021 GroupReduce: Block-Wise Low-Rank Approximation for Neural Language Model Shrinking Tairen Piao
Jun 21, 2021 Multi-Agent Actor-Critic for Mixed Cooperative-Competitive Environments Jihyeong Jeon
May 31, 2021 Matching User with Item Set: Collaborative Bundle Recommendation with Deep Attention Network Hyunsik Jeon
May 24, 2021 Learning Low-Rank Structured Sparsity in Recurrent Neural Networks Hyojin Jeon
May 17, 2021 Stock price prediction using reinforcement learning Jaemin Park
May 3, 2021 Online dating recommender systems: the split-complex number approach Jongjin Kim
Apr 26, 2021 Inductive Representation Learning on Large Graphs Sooyeon Shim
Apr 19, 2021 ALP-KD: Attention-Based Layer Projection for Knowledge Distillation Ikhyun Cho
Apr 12, 2021 Attention-Based Autoregression for Accurate and Efficient Multivariate Time Series Forecasting Jaemin Yoo
Apr 5, 2021 REL: An Entity Linker Standing on the Shoulders of Giants Vladimir Egay
Mar 29, 2021 Neural Collaborative Filtering vs. Matrix Factorization Revisited Jun-gi Jang
Mar 22, 2021 DARTS: Differentiable Architecture Search Seungcheol Park
Mar 8, 2021 The Emerging Field of Signal Processing on Graphs Yong-chan Park
Feb 23, 2021 Simple and Deep Graph Convolutional Networks Junghun Kim
Feb 16, 2021 Reciprocal recommendation system for online dating Seyun Kim
Feb 2, 2021 CompRess: Self-Supervised Learning by Compressing Representations Huiwen Xu
Jan 26, 2021 A Dual-Stage Attention-Based Recurrent Neural Network for Time Series Prediction Minyong Cho
Jan 19, 2021 Tensor Decompositions for Temporal Knowledge Base Completion Dawon Ahn
Jan 5, 2021 Incorporating Corporation Relationship via Graph Convolutional Neural Networks for Stock Price Prediction Yejun Soun


Date Title Speaker
Dec 29, 2020 Neural Architecture Optimization Hoyoung Yoon
Dec 22, 2020 Deep Neural Networks for YouTube Recommendations Jiyun Kim
Dec 8, 2020 Mastering the game of Go with deep neural networks and tree search Jihyeong Jeon
Dec 1, 2020 Unsupervised Visual Representation Learning by Context Prediction Junghoon Kim
Nov 17, 2020 Bi-Real Net: Enhancing the Performance of 1-bit CNNs With Improved Representational Capability and Advanced Training Algorithm Tairen Piao
Nov 10, 2020 Learning Not to Learn: Training Deep Neural Networks with Biased Data Hyunsik Jeon
Nov 3, 2020 Learning Intrinsic Sparse Structures within Long Short-Term Memory Dong Hae Jang
Oct 27, 2020 Graph Convolutional Neural Networks for Web-Scale Recommender Systems Jaemin Yoo
Oct 6, 2020 ALBERT: A Lite BERT for Self-supervised Learning of Language Representations Ikhyun Cho
Sep 29, 2020 Determining Relative Airport Threats from News and Social Media Vladimir Egay
Sep 22, 2020 BAGAN: Data Augmentation with Balancing GAN Jay Lee
Sep 15, 2020 GhostNet: More Features from Cheap Operations Jun-gi Jang
Sep 8, 2020 BOHB: Robust and Efficient Hyperparameter Optimization at Scale Seungcheol Park
Sep 1, 2020 Spectral Representations for Convolutional Neural Networks Yong-chan Park
Aug 24, 2020 Maximum Classifier Discrepancy for Unsupervised Domain Adaptation Seongmin Lee
Aug 10, 2020 Graph Transformer Networks Junghun Kim
Aug 3, 2020 Multi-Aspect Streaming Tensor Completion Sangjun Son
Jul 27, 2020 MrMine: Multi-resolution Multi-network Embedding Chaeheum Park
Jul 20, 2020 ZOO: Zeroth Order Optimization Based Black-box Attacks to Deep Neural Networks without Training Substitute Models Shuyu Wang
Jul 13, 2020 Universal Source-Free Domain Adaptation Huiwen Xu
Jul 6, 2020 Stock Movement Prediction from Tweets and Historical Prices Minyong Cho
Jun 29, 2020 DenseAlert: Incremental Dense-Subtensor Detection in Tensor Streams Dawon Ahn
Jun 22, 2020 Diffusion Improves Graph Learning Jinhong Jung
Jun 16, 2020 Distilling Knowledge from Graph Convolutional Networks Jaemin Yoo
Jun 9, 2020 Reinforcement-Learning based Portfolio Management with Augmented Asset Movement Prediction States Junghoon Kim
May 26, 2020 Trained Ternary Quantization Tairen Piao
May 19, 2020 Data-Free Learning of Student Networks Hyunsik Jeon
May 12, 2020 AMC: AutoML for Model Compression and Acceleration on Mobile Devices HyunDong Lee
Apr 28, 2020 Discriminative Sample Generation for Deep Imbalanced Learning Jay Lee
Apr 21, 2020 Binarized Neural Networks for Resource-Efficient Hashing with Minimizing Quantization Loss Seungcheol Park
Apr 14, 2020 Adversarial Substructured Representation Learning for Mobile User Profiling Chaeheum Park
Apr 7, 2020 Binary Classification from Positive-Confidence Data Shuyu Wang
Mar 31, 2020 Deep Model Transferability from Attribution Maps Huiwen Xu
Mar 24, 2020 Enhancing Stock Movement Prediction with Adversarial Training Minyong Cho
Mar 10, 2020 Accelerating Online CP Decompositions for Higher Order Tensors Jun gi Jang
Feb 17, 2020 Detection of Review Abuse via Semi-Supervised Binary Multi-Target Tensor Decomposition Dawon Ahn
Jan 20, 2020 Sampling Subgraphs with Guaranteed Treewidth for Accurate and Efficient Graphical Inference Jaemin Yoo
Jan 13, 2020 Iterative Metric Learning for Imbalance Data Classification Junghoon Kim
Jan 6, 2020 BERT: Pre-training of Deep Bidirectional Transformers for Language Understanding Tairen Piao