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M1522.001400 Introduction to Data Mining
Spring 2020 - U Kang

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Data mining refers to theories and techniques for finding useful patterns from massive amount of data. Data mining has been used in high impact applications including web analysis, recommendation system, fraud detection, cyber security, etc. This course covers important algorithms and theories for data mining. Main topics include finding similar items, mining frequent patterns, link analysis, link prediction, recommendation system, data stream mining, clustering, graph mining, time series prediction, and outlier detection.


Date Topic Notice
Mar 16 Introduction
18 Preliminaries (Chapter 1)
23 Finding Similar Items (Chapter 3)
25 Finding Similar Items-2 (Chapter 3): use the previous slide
30 Finding Similar Items-3 (Chapter 3): use the previous slide HW1 out (due: Apr. 8)
Apr. 1 Mining Data Streams (Chapter 4)
6 Mining Data Streams-2 (Chapter 4)
8 Mining Data Streams-3 (Chapter 4) HW2 out (due: Apr. 22)
13 Link Analysis (Chapter 5)
15 Link Analysis-2 (Chapter 5)
20 Link Analysis-3 (Chapter 5)
22 Link Prediction HW 3 out (due: May 11)
27 Q&A Session of First Half
29 Frequent Itemsets (Chapter 6)
May 4 Frequent Itemsets-2 (Chapter 6)
6 Clustering (Chapter 7)
11 Clustering-2 (Chapter 7) HW 4 out (due: May 25)
13 Advertising on the Web (Chapter 8)
18 Advertising on the Web-2 (Chapter 8): use the previous lecture slide
20 Recommendation (Chapter 9)
25 Recommendation-2 (Chapter 9) HW 5 out (due: June 8)
27 Mining Social-Network Graphs (Chapter 10)
June 1 Mining Social-Network Graphs-2 (Chapter 10)
3 Dimensionality Reduction (Chapter 11)
8 Dimensionality Reduction-2 (Chapter 11) HW 6 out (due: June 15)
10 Time Series Analysis
15 Anomaly Detection and Conclusion
17 Final


Late policy - for all deliverables:


The text book is
Mining of Massive Datasets by Jure Leskovec, Anand Rajaraman, Jeff Ullman. (available in online)


We expect you to have an undergraduate-level knowledge on the following topics: We provide some background, but the class will be fast paced.
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