Seoul National University
4190.209 Computer Engineering Seminar
Fall 2016 - U Kang

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This course introduces new trends, challenges, and technologies of Computer Science and its related fields. Speakers include experts from academia and industries.


Date Speaker Topic
Sep. 6 U Kang (Prof. in Seoul National University) Introduction to the course
13 Beomseok Nam (Prof. in UNIST) Improving Database Performance Using Next-Generation Nonvolatile Memory
20 Hyungjin Yoon (Prof. in Seoul National University) Biomedical Big Data
27 Sangwook Kim (Prof. in Hanyang University) "Told You I Didn't Like It": Exploiting Uninteresting Items for Effective Collaborative Filtering
Oct. 4 Jaesik Choi (Prof. in UNIST) The Relational Automatic Statistician System for Multiple Time-Series Data Analysis
11 Daehwan Kim (CEO at Somansa) Software Venture and Tech Management
18 Taeyoung Jung (CEO at Hyundai Card) Genetic Transformation in Finance
Nov. 1 Eunji Kim (Evangelist at Microsoft) Overview of Cloud and Windows Azure
8 Jihie Kim (Vice President at Samsung Electronics) Intelligence in IoT Era
15 Junmo Kim (Prof. in KAIST) Understanding Deep Learning
22 Sukyoung Ryu (Prof. in KAIST) Our Journey to Find Bugs in JavaScript Web Applications in the Wild
29 Sunyoung Goong (COO at Benple) Consumption Paradigm in Network Society
Dec. 6 Misung Kim (CEO at NtreeConsulting) Effective Presentation


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