Ho Lee

M.S. Candidate
Department of Computer Science, KAIST
Office : Room 624, N1 Building, KAIST
Email : crtlife at kaist.ac.kr or leegongja at naver.com
Tel : +80-42-350-7865
Hello, I am a master's candidate student in the Computer Science Department of KAIST. Here is my [Curriculum Vitae].
Don’t hesitate to talk with me. I love smile and romantic movie! I am normal person in big world. Have a nice day!
Nice to meet you!! See you.
"We can only learn to love by loving". - Iris Murdoch
"Time is an illusion. Lunchtime doubly so". - Douglas Adams
"Isn't it a pleasure to study, and to practice what you have learned?" ? Confucius
Last modified: Aug 31, 2013