BIGtensor (GPU)

A C/C++ tensor library designed for high-performance tensor analysis

BIGtensor (Hadoop)

A tensor mining package running on distribtued (Hadoop) platform

What is BIGtensor?

A tensor mining package designed for large-scale tensor analysis. There are two types: BIGtensor-gpu and BIGtensor-hadoop.

Easy to use

BIGtensor is very easy to use. Users do not need to know the internal procedure of functions to run tensor analysis.

Efficient computing

BIGtensor fully utilizes the computing resources in the platform to provide high-speed tensor analysis.


BIGtensor is optimized to support large-scale tensors with billions of nonzero elements.

Useful operations

BIGtensor supports various tensor decomposition, tensor generation, tensor-tensor operation, and tensor manipulation(operation).